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The staff at Business Immigration Advisory Group will work with you and your family to bring you to Canada and connect you with the best possible immigration program that will meet your needs, and give you the greatest chance for success. We will also connect you with Immigration Lawyers and Consultants to provide you with the full range of services that your application requires. Our services include:

  • Provincial Nominee Programs- Business Advisory

  • Work or Study Permits/Visas- Business Advisory

  • Temporary Visitor Visas- Invatations

  • Intra-Company Transfers- Business Advisory

There are many different programs and routes to take for your immigration application, and our most frequently accessed programs include:


  • Start-up Visa Program

  • Self-Employed Program

  • Investor Venture Capital 


  • Alberta Self-Employed Farmer Program

  • British Columbia Entrepreneur and Strategic Projects Programs
  • Manitoba Business Investor Program

  • New Brunswick Entrepreneur Program

  • Northwest Territories Nominee Business Program

  • Nova Scotia Entrepreneur and International Graduate Programs

  • Ontario Corporate and Entrepreneur Programs

  • Prince Edward Island Business Owner Programs

  • Quebec Investor, Entrepreneur, and Self-Employed Programs 

  • Saskatchewan Entrepreneur and Farm Owner Programs

  • Yukon Business Nominee Program 

In addition to the services listed above, we also coordinate with educators and employers to connect:

  • International students with colleges and universities, and

  • International skilled-labourers with employers

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