Our Team
No other company delivers like Bay Street Firm. When you partner with us, you benefit from our combined decades of experience, access to leading global research, and keen entrepreneurial insight. (Did we mention we're pretty darn pleasant as well? (Once fully caffeinated, of course). With the brilliant strategy of a comic book superhero, we've assembled a team of the most dedicated, specialized, and knowledgeable business planners out there.

We are well-connected in various communities and with various investor/financial groups. We use those connections to find you multiple investors and government grants to maximize your potential funding.


We provide access to private funding, angel investors, government applications, bank loans, and other options – all connected and completed by us. With a team of lawyers, accountants, business consultants and professional plan writers, we provide you with the best plans and the fastest turn around time.


We keep you included in the plan formation process so that you can craft your plan in the style that you want, while utilizing our expertise to ensure you have the strongest chance of success.


We have provided successful plans to companies in dozens of industries, ranging from fitness and nutrition, to restaurants, to tech start-ups.  No matter what your business is, we can build a plan for you.


We offer our services in English, French, Russian, Spanish, Farsi, Chinese and Armenian.


With services being offered across Canada, including Vancouver, Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Halifax – we are here to serve you, and ensure your business receives the professional treatment, and adequate funding that it requires.